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Fantasy wtf?

Suddenly, there were black clouds in the sky. Everyone heard a loud noise coming from the sky and they all knew that Voltar the Dragon was coming. King Artor yelled out, “Daughters, Voltar comes! Get ready your weapons! The time has come for you to fulfill the prophecy!” Princess Sasha, Princess Trina, Princess Alexandra and Rebecca walked up ahead of the army and lined up together in a row. They looked like warriors! Rebecca was not afraid! She took a deep breath and got her weapon ready for the task that lay ahead. She understood the prophecy now and had faith in herself and the Princesses. They each pulled out their bows and prepared to kill the dragon. Fire came out of his nostrils and his mouth. Princess Alexandra handed each of the other girls one of the special arrows that they had gotten from the Queen of the Unicorns. All four of the girls pointed their bows up into the air and waited for Voltar to come nearer. Voltar let out such a loud noise that the ground shook! Then fire came right out of his nostrils. The Wizard Thandor held his mighty wand up toward the sky and yelled, “Mighty clouds of the sky, I call upon you to bring forth lightening to destroy the Dragon Voltar!” Large lightening bolts came out of the clouds toward Voltar. One lightening bolt struck Voltar and wounded him, but it didn’t kill him!

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There are 5 Comments to "Fantasy wtf?"

  • Heidi says:

    ma ei saa aru? wtf- oleks kui need printsessid peaksid selle lohe vms surnuks jooksutama või muud sellist tegema….. aga see on tavaline kellegi esmane ponnistus teha fantasyt…. kus wtf on?

  • Tanel says:

    No maeitea, ma olen ikka omajagu sitta fantasyt lugenud, aga sellist õudust pole ma küll näinud. Rääkimata kirjavigadest, toimetajat sellel raamatul vist küll ei olnud.

  • higgins says:

    LightEning bolt! =D

    WTF on ilmselt selles, et tegu pole mõne algklassiõpilase kodulehelt võetud lõiguga, vaid see tundub lausa kirjastatud raamatust pärit olevat.

  • Tanel says:

    just täpselt..

  • Heidi says:

    aaaaaa, päris nukker (mina siis, mitte raamat- see on lihtsalt sitt)

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