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The WTF respect test


Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists


Vaadake KINDLASTI galeriid läbi ja… kuidas saakski paremini kommenteerida kui:


Pigeon Conspiracy!?

The theory developed that pigeons:

  • Are part of a huge, global, avian collective consciousness or mass mind
  • Are capable of taking control of the human subconscious
  • Are responsible for the death of millions of human beings via humans subject to their control
  • Regularly bring dangerous diseases into heavily populated cities
  • Wish to eliminate mankind from the face of the earth

We are all doooooommmeeed!!!!11111oneonetwo

Lugege ja värisege:

Chucky is in the buisness again!

You can kick ass. Has been tested on Chucky himself!


Sibul, vaata ette, Keskerakond ründab!

Suur oli minu üllatus nähes delfi avalehel sellist asja.


Oioioioi.. :\



Totally Naked Hands Totally Knitting

Don’t… ask…

Hoff pritsib!

Aitäh, 4chan.


David again!

Hasselhoff jõuab igalepoole. Isegi Brittide The Times’i.

What is Jump In My Car, my latest single out this month, really about?” he asks unprompted. Without pausing he answers his own question. “Essentially, it’s about driving along trying to get girls to jump in my car.”

(Meeldetuletuseks:, kuigi ma väga ei usu, et keegi midagi sellist saaks unustada)

Aga artikkel on siis Hasselhoffist ja autodest. Muuseas saab vastuse ka üliolulisele küsimusele:

How did he become so talented?

Tähtis-tähtis värk. Aga, lugege ise! On the move: David Hasselhoff

PS. Seoses (vähemalt minupoolse) nõdrameelsusega ning projekti “Iga päev uus Hoff!” raames tulevad homme Värvilised Hoffid! Kui just ta vahepeal uut singlit koos videoga välja ei lase.. krrhhmmnnnnjahhh..

Kitt oli homo? Ei või olla!

Hasselhoff strikes again!



AARGH! Kliki linke!

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